a new leaf (2016 in review)

So many people talk about how shitty this year has been, and while it’s true that a lot of shitty things have happened (we lost a lot of really good, inspiring people) it was also a pretty wonderful year.

Specifically, it has been one of the better years for me in terms of mental health. Besides a few bad days (which are totally normal), I didn’t experience the extremes of depression at any point this year. Or if I did I honestly don’t remember it now (which is huge, because there are years past that I only remember as huge clouds of depression).

When it comes to personal growth it was a slow, but very important year. For a lot of it I felt like I was stagnant, stuck in the same place and not really moving forward in anything, though looking back I understand it was a lesson in contentedness (still not great at it). Friendships grew, and strengthened, and I am so incredibly grateful. I have more close-knit people in my life than ever. I have a best friend again. A sweet, kind, passionate woman (with the heart of a child) who understand me and loves me where I am, yet constantly challenges me to grow.

Dillon and I are well. I continue to fall deeper in love with him, feeling warmth in corners of my heart that I didn’t realize could be touched. We have faced plenty of frustrations and learning curves in life and our relationship, but never have I doubted for even a second that we were anything but compatible.

I have been improving and expanding in my art(s). I painted for the first time, got my first paid photography gig, started writing again (!!!), and I am making big plans to start my own art business.

To sum up, it was a pretty simple year, full of quiet but profound growth, and I am very excited for what the new year will hold.



Stock image by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

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