portrait of me, done by redditor /u/Rosetorne

so i always have a lot of trouble figuring out what to say in the ‘about’ sections on any site or profile.

part of me wants to be silly, another wants to be incredibly poetic, painting an image of myself with words. part of me wants to just write like I would talk in person (although that would be awfully awkward considering words are hard for me when spoken)

the thing is i’m always changing, and my view of myself is always changing too, so putting who i am into words is.. extremely difficult.

i guess nowadays i like to visualize myself as a flowing nature-creature, barefooted and naked in the forest, probably near a body of water. if i could live out the rest of my witchy life in a treehouse i think that would quite please me.

i hope that you enjoy my art, and maybe reach out to say hello, share your story. i love collaborations, so if you’re an artist with a vision, i wanna hear about it.